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I agree with the outcome but my gripe with Supes is that his anthologies always portray/gauge his powers unevenly. If you watch the TV shows like Justice League or the Animated Series, you can see and feel Supes exerting physical efforts when he lifts a bus or a train. But then in some other stories, like Superman All-Star, he can hold 3 times the weight of the earth with a single hand and just break a single sweat.

At least in Dragon Ball it got pretty consistent on who was how strong due to chronology. A lot of the feats portrayed in the TV shows and Comic Books are peanuts for most people in the Dragon Ball universe.

It's obvious to see why people think Goku could beat Superman when most DB characters are planet busters without much effort (relatively early in the DBZ series too), but in mainstream Superman (TV shows and whatnot) you have him fighting just a bit above street level, lifting cars and smashing building.