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OnlyForDisplay said:
For me, what Whiz and BoomStick have stated are correct. Think about it for a second;

One man has the power to break any limit

One has no limits to begin with

Only one has limits to give it their all. That really has been the focal point of this debate long before Death Battle ever answered the question. Even now, there really shouldn't be any change. I am a fan of both, but for the DragonBall Z fans, much akin to what BoomStick asked, I will ask you this myself;

Would you really want a Goku who has reached a point where he is unbeatable?

The problem is that many of the things that were stated in the video as ''superman facts'' are not true.

The book of infinity pages does not actually have infinity weight.
Spectre is just heavy, but in no way it has inifity weight either. That was just an philosophical statement from about being an eternal being.

Another problem is that people mix his insane power with his resistance.
Superman does not survive supernovas, he runs from it and is hitted only by the shockwaves. That is actuallys stated by the narrator, who says that if caught, he would have died.
He does not withstand the pull of a black hole. Despite the anomaly being pointed as such, it was too close to earth to not destroy it while super was going there with brainiac. Brainiac lgs and arms also do not behave as they would in a black hole.

Despite his strength he is, constantly i may add, knocked unconscious by anything of planetary level (capable of destroying a earth sized planet). If super wins, what is definitely possible, it won't be by ignoring Goku punches and tanking a full charged kamehameha.