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Well GTA IV is simply an iteration in the series with better tech (graphicsphysics.) There is no REAL jump between san andreas and GTA IV in the gameplay arena.

OOT however was a massive leap forward in all departments, and revolutionized a genre.

OOT WILL go down in history as a "better" game (I don't even really understand how that is gauged. You had more fun at the time of release playing one game over the other? Its all way too abstract and unsubstantiatable) than GTA IV but in my opinion OOT isn't even the best Zelda game. I found TP, LttP, LA more enjoyable than OOT.

Though, i really don't care what the makority of video game nerds (a term I usie lovingly) say is the 'best game ever' today. Enjoy your games. That IS the point of them.

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