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DMeisterJ said:
Viper1 said:
Review - Saturday 12th April 2008

GTAIV - Tuesday 29th April 2008

A site that does retro reviews puts out a OoT review 2 WEEKS prior to GTA's launch and you're claiming conspiracy?

But everyone knew that the game would get amazing reviews.

The hype was crazy.

We all knew that 10s would come out of the woodwork, I'd call their review a pre-emptive strike... Why else review a 10 year od game?


I mean that's about as much a stretch as GTA 4 getting extra points because it's not on the wii. People and websites often do retro reviews of old games that are great. They often use them as suggestions to retro gamers or people who would be interested in playing the classics.

I don't think anyone could of predicted GTA 4 would score so high, because everyoen figured it'd have the same unfinished un polished technical flaws every other GTA game has had. 

OOT is on the Wii shop right? Just based on that i'd expect a lot of extra reviews to pop up.