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TruckOSaurus said:
Johnw1104 said:

Hah yeah I definitely loved it. I enjoyed Diablo III to but found it couldn't recapture that feeling I had with Diablo's I and II... it's not their fault, though; it's just harder to be impressed when you've been playing online games for 16 years as opposed to a few.

I made the mistake of playing the heck out of Diablo III the moment it came out as a barb which, at higher difficulties, became nightmarishly difficult due to the aoe effects whilst being melee. Did they ever make it a little more reasonable?

The game became infinitely better when they closed the Auction House and introduced Loot 2.0. Before you would grind like crazy to basically find pieces of equipment good enough to sell at the Auction House to get gold and then in turn buy the items with the specs you needed for your character. With Loot 2.0, the drops are geared toward your character class which makes grinding much more interesting.

Played alot on the PC version also with the auktion house and liked it because i could sell crap for money. I liked d3 on ps4 until I understand that it was not on a online server, ie cheaters paradise. Since then I play single game or with closed friends, why didnt they make it online on ps4 ? Thats when they destroyed D3 for me. If it have been online i world have been playing it today.