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krippaz said:
Johnw1104 said:
I always think of grind when I think of Diablo... I recall spending endless hours leveling an Amazon and her amazon merc to 99 in Diablo II where it took days of the cows just to gain a level whilst being at constant risk of losing days of work from one death.

Bleh. I was really into stacking up tons of MF at the time and there was this thing called the "Ward Bow" I believe that was ridiculously good. I also recall some barbs using ist runes in two six-slotted swords, but I believe the Ward Bow still added up to more.

Fun times. Wasted a lot of my youth there.

But you loved it.. Admit it :).


what is lost time... If my gaiming time is lost then I have lost alot of my time. Still i see other people doing other things..do they lose time also.

all we do is loosing time... What a waste.

Hah yeah I definitely loved it. I enjoyed Diablo III to but found it couldn't recapture that feeling I had with Diablo's I and II... it's not their fault, though; it's just harder to be impressed when you've been playing online games for 16 years as opposed to a few.

I made the mistake of playing the heck out of Diablo III the moment it came out as a barb which, at higher difficulties, became nightmarishly difficult due to the aoe effects whilst being melee. Did they ever make it a little more reasonable?