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Spankey said:
Carl Sagan — 'Observation: I can't see a thing. Conclusion: Dinosaurs.'

no way to tell is these kids are in some way challenged or just nervous from what info we are given

that said, I don't have an "Awwww.....cute" bone in my body, and it's for that reason that I find this (and pretty much all Clips-with-kids) cringeworthy.
But that's just me lol

I also do not have a "Awwww.....cute" bone in my body but instead of this being cringeworthy for me, I kind of view the video with interest.  Some question or how the panel responded to questions interested me more than kids having problems getting their point across, badly pronounce words or just bat shit crazy questions.  Maybe because I am a parent and experience many of those situations that I think nothing about it now.  I have friends with disabled kids, socially awkward kids, popular kids you name it.  I have seen quite a bit so I believe my experience is just broader.