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Hedra42 said:
sc94597 said:
Hedra42 said:

What if they just didn't know how to deal with that question? What if one or more of them was autistic, and didn't know how to express the answer off the cuff or just didn't want to make it public? What if it touched on something so personal that it made them feel just as awkward as some of the other kids in that video?

Disgusting? No. Awkward, yes, but that was the whole point of the video - a compilation of awkward moments.

I was not referring to the developer reaction, but rather people in this thread and the YouTube comments. The developers obviously didn't know how to answer questions from kids, and particularly the kids in the audience with disorders of various types. 

What I find quite sad about people in this thread is that people are being very quick to 'diagnose' these kids with disorders based on just a few minutes' footage. See my earlier post about an experience my son - who has no disorders of any kind - had.

Actually I totally agree with this statement.  For the majority of the video, I say no real disorder besides social awkwardness.