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Boutros said:
marsoRa said:
sidmeiernintifan said:
Marso, dont forget digital sales, Splatoon has a lot of those in Japan, and probably too in the USA.
It is nice to have multiplayer games installed instead of having to put in a disc.

Yeah, I know, but NPD says that it has sold 455k including digital. And nintendo confirmed like late june that it had sold 476k, and it has always been that way with alot of titles. like Bayonetta 2, NPD says that it only has sold 153k until march or may i forgot, but it's not, I don't believe the vgchartz but i don't believe even less NPD. The proof is there 20k undertracked

We never got NPD sales for Splatoon. They always came from Nintendo themselves which included digital sales. That 476k was for all of the Americas while 455k is for the US alone.

Well you may be right about that one, but i don't know what to believe anymore :(