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RubberWhistleHistle said:
vivster said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but we already have several threads mourning him. If this thread wasn't to make a point and just another place to speak out condolences then frankly this is a dupe thread and should be removed.

OP made a point and I challenged that point.

If there is no point in this thread that can or should be challenged then this thread is literally pointless.

there should be a bunch of threads about this. Yes, there absolutely should be. Each thread about iwata is not identical by the way, this one in particular is about his vision. there is no real point the op is making. This is strictly just about the vision a legendary game developer had, and it's worth considering and respecting right now. 

I know you're not the biggest nintendo fan, but even so, you should have the ability to take a step back and understand the severity of the situation right now. This is a huge loss to the entire industry. The things this man has done has helped shape the industry that is responsible for the games you enjoy today. Just please try to understand. He was a very kind, lovable, goofy, and humble man, and does deserve the consideration people on the forums are giving him. You have to be able to see that? 

Sorry, but no person on earth is so charming that he deserves dupe threads on a forum that strictly enforces its rules. The threads might have different titles but the content of the posts is the same.

And no, opinions don't suddenly become unchallengeable just because you died.

The weight of this loss is highly subjective, especially in a forum that repeatedly has attacked him for his business practices and repeatedly voiced that Nintendo would be better off without him. I wouldn't get to make 10 threads if some no name developer of Psyonix died. Probably because that death isn't important enough to be mourned in several threads. Because every life is precious but Iwata's is the most precious of them all.

Yes people have the right to mourn, I accept that. They have several threads for that and the whole rest of the internet. What I don't accept is being attacked for not mourning.

To not go off topic I will reitterate my point. I think his vision that the only purpose of games should be fun to everyone is very narrow minded.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.