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A Sony product is sitting in front of me. My cousin gifted me his old PS3 after he got one of the old fat PS3s with full BC. The one he gave me looks like the model they released shortly after giving up BC. I knew they were big, but I never really seen one up close before. Its massive. After gaming on Wii and Wii U, this makes them look miniature. This looks like it could be the biggest console I ever owned. Its bigger than my Saturn, old Xbox 360, even the 3DO.

Anyway, I'll have to do some things to get it proper. Upgrade the HDD, (this one is 80 GB) pick up some controllers, and maybe a new fan. After that is done, then it will be time for the important thing. Games! I have never owned a PS3 before so I got a lot of catching up to do. I'm open to suggestions. I know about the Uncharteds, and the TLOUs and the like, but beyond those games I really am not in the loop. I was 360 for last gen. I'm mostly interested in exclusives because I most likely have played it on 360 if its a multiplat. Can you help a newb out?