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Dr.Vita said:
Ryng_Tolu said:
Dr.Vita said:
Looking at the charts the first thing I see is that Wii U is overtracked in Europe...
Bigger hardware sales in Europe than North America... Yep ioi...

DR.vita please, ALL console are overtracked most likely.

PS4 that in Europe sell nearly double than in US? Lol, sure...

PSVita that in Europe sell nearly TRIPLE than in the US!? Seem legit...

The same For 3DS and XBO. Too much. Now, update you thread about PSV VS Wii U in sales.

PS4: 60-90% marketshare in Europe
Vita: 600k only in Spain ; getting a lot more retail releases in Europe than North America

Europe is Playstation market!!!

roft, that's nothing.

PS4sales by end of February: 20.2m.

USA sales: 7.25m

around 36% of sales are in the US.

Now, with 36k in the US, how fucking is at >140k glibally!?

that is 25% sales in the US, when is usually at >35%!!!!!!

Also, PS4 is CONFIRMED overtracked by >140k by February, because VGC has PS4 at 20.34m when is confirmed 20.2m.

And i bet my ass that the overtracked is increase by february. When is the Sony result? Soon i think? Well, we Will see soon the total PS4 shipment.


And the same For Vita. Yes, it is selling more in Eu than in the US, BUT NOT TRIPLE.