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Because the title of the thread is the summarization of your entire post. You're also saying that the GCN is the worst console before it which makes no sense. You're conveniently forgetting the Virtual Boy, The 32X, the Sega CD, and the very first Nintendo console. Not to mention the Vita and the OG Xbox. Your title makes no sense when you're trying to compare it to the big 4. Which there is no 4. Sega died years ago as a manufacturer. Change your title.

Did I say that my title is the summarization of my entire post? Also you couldn't be more wrong I own a Gamecube and I like it alot. Again, where did I say that the GCN is the worst? I was comparing the Wii U with other consoles by Nintendo to show how it stacked up. I was actually defending the Gamecube when someone was attaking it.


We'll myself and other gamers have mostly been gaming since PSOne days. I can only recall the PSone and the N64-I bet alot of kids think the same way. When people think console wars they think Nintedo vs Sega-that is why Sega is included. Look at the front page of Vgchartz do you see Ouya's name on it? No you see PS4, Xbox one and Wii U. When I was making my title I thought of two distictions big manufacters and contemporary consoles. Within that set I think that the Wii U is the worst console. 


Well, kiddo, a lot of the VGChartz userbase was gaming back when Nintendo was still making RadarScope and Sega was a non-entity. You can't simply discount half of video game history just because you weren't alive to see it. "All time" for video games goes back about 64 years. There was a pretty lively gaming scene going on before Super Mario Bros. came out in 1985.  Video games have a history that dates back to at least 1951, but if you want to discount Ralph Baer's early rudimentary work on gaming, we can say that gaming as we know it started in 1971-72. To discount half the history of gaming just because you can't see beyond your own nose is incredibly short-sighted, and it's why so many people in here are laughing at the thread.

And as for those "non-serious" consoles, Philips (which actually made one of the first ever home consoles, the Odyssey, back in the mid-70s), Panasonic, Goldstar, and Commodore didn't invest millions in console R&D because they had money that they had to burn. 3DO probably had more money invested in its development than any console Sega ever made, whatever the final outcome was.

Wii U is nowhere near the worst console of "all time". Now if you want to say it's the worst console Nintendo ever made, that's a valid point of debate, but even that is largely a matter of opinion, and that's if you discount the Virtual Boy.

So sure, the Wii U is the worst console of "all time"... once you disqualify all of the video game consoles that were actually worse than the Wii U on one basis or another. But at this point, you're not just moving the goalposts, you're running around the field carrying them on your back and challenging everybody else in this thread to a game of tag.

Thank you for accepting "the Wii u is the worst console of all time" when actually considering the boundaries i created it and explained it a million times(Sega, Sony, Nintendo and Xbox.) Maybe next time you don't need to throw tantrums by calling me 'kiddo' or keep on bringing your 'goal post' metaphor. (I got it once)You pretty much hide behind the title and were unable to move beyond it even if I clarified it tons of times. Instead, you kept on complaing about the same thing over and over again and then trying to make fun of me based on ignoring what I said. 


What are you talking about?Again you are putting words in my mouth that i didn't say. Did I "thrash"  the Wii U, did i go and say "the Wii U sucks" "I hate the Wii U!" If you read the OP I said I wanted to be "realistic and objective" in regards to judging the Wii U. I don't see any evidence you have provide at all  besides your personal opinion "Mario Kart 8 is arguably the best...etc"or "X games are all wonderful." According to who? To yourself. While I did say that the was only  0.1 difference between MKDD and MK8 according to metacritic. I don't know if i should take you and San Andreas X seriously if you only rely on Ad Hominen attacks to try to discredit myself and my thread.