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I think this thread makes you uncomtable because the thought is up in the air. Some people are not brave enough to verbalize it-nintendo has made their worst console. Also is this how you deal with conflict by saying "lock it" I don't want to see it, when someone doesn't share your perspective? I read your post above where you say that the Wii U has a better library than the GCN, yet other posters had said this is not the case and provided evidence about it like comparing Sunshine with 3D land. Yet I don't see you adressing them, so who is ignoring the evidence? Instead you are relying on personal attacks against my thread  calling it one of the worst of all time. As opposed to defending your ideas when someone disagrees.


What? There are more people pointing to Wii U having a better library and you ignore them as you ignored my post. You only find legitimacy in their opinion because they agree with you? Laughable.

Uncomfortable? No, not the least bit. I just find this thread pointless at this point. Wii U is not the worst console of all time by far. Not even close. You won't change your mind on it... So what? Who cares? Just becasue you say it doesn't make it true. It just shows how ridiculous this thread has been. 


Sunshine? Mario Sunshine was trash. The only mario game I never bothered to beat. I loved the gamecube for its library as well, I love my Wii U even more.

Something tells me you don't even own a Wii U. Do you own the console?

Edit: If you're going to go by opinions posted in your own thread, there are far more that agree with me. Most don't think it was the worst console. Are you going to ignore every one that doesn't share your opinion?

How am I ignoring my critics? I am actually answering to them. A a poster above mentioned the Gamecube had Baten Kaitos and Tales of Symphonia for anyone who wanted to bring up Bayonetta. He is actually comparing the library unlike you and other people who simply rely on attacks against me or my thread. Who says I won't change my mind? How are you making this assumption? I am pretty open minded, if you or someone else proves that the Vita(or other consoles within the big 4) is inferior to the Wii U I would accept that. Yet only one person has brought up the Vita and I thought he had a decent point. (I answered to this person instead of ignoring him.) Also it's irrelevant if I own the console or not as I could evaluate a product simply by searching for its library and the quality of its games. Unlike you I don't have highly subjective opinions of games to even qualify a game as "thrash"based on your own limited perspective. I have informed views on games- just check metacritic and see how some critics are calling Mario Sunshine a 'masterpiece' and how it has it a overall 92 rating. 

Nintendos Virtual Boy caused blindness and had less than 30 games in total. You still rate it as better than the Wii-U?

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