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TheUltimateLife said:
The n00b domination is at full force

their a waste of forum space! There should be an option where if a certain amount of people vote a thread has no reliable factual bases and trolls for people to repeat the some old dumb arguments, then a mod will check it out and if it's junk it should be deleted. At least then the people who know and want to discus the industry don’t have to keep correcting the n00bs who know jack about anything.
enough of the try hards, your like, "I know so much about the industry that I can stand up and forecast the wii to fail and people need to take me seriously cos I’m such an expert!"

the people who know and care about gaming shouldn’t have to scramble through n00b vomit just to find a few paragraphs of valuable information

Who agrees that too many n00bs speak their mind and end up dribbling out video gaming vomit? I'm tired of seeing smart people having to waste their time cleaning up after their FAILED forum attempts when there could be more valuable conversations going on.

http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=24756 this is the stupid post followed by a massive clean up crew that has made me want to say something about this issue.

 according to ur post count - ur a n00b too