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midrange said:
Tlozjb said:

Hun, in the public's eye, Metroid's name was already drag through the mud with Other M, they are just burying it deeper, and also remember that the developers of this are Next Level Games, so the ones throwing Metroid deeper into the mud is NLG, not Nintendo themselves.  And AC, I agree with that one with you, but you cannot judge a game on first impressions... or do I have to bring up the Super Mario 3D World syndrome?

Neither Sony or Microsoft deliver a big blockbuster, I don't see why Nintendo not showing one was a problem, and not bring FFVII remake into the play, because that belongs to SE, not Sony, so Nintendo just did the same as the other two. 

And who said that was going to happen?  Nintendo clearly stated what they were going to show, last year was different, because the schedule was scarce, and this time it isn't, plus we all knwo that Nintendo is guilty of showing their bigger games either in a December or January direct, so wait before you pass judgement.  Because at the moment there is no evidence of what you say, because Nintendo clearly stated what they were going to talk about.

Also do I have to remember to all that Iwata said that are various games to still be unveil for Wii U, for this year, including the mysterious Tantalus port?  And those 3rd party partnerships, of which we only saw two, Activision's and NLG's?

Next level games is second party not third. So Nintendo had just as much part in deforming metroid as NLG. Plus just because Other M was bad does not mean they should continue to drag down Metroid's greatness.

Sony did deliver horizon, what are you talking about? Microsoft is also bringing Recore. Nintendo is not deliviering anything remotely big (mario maker is the closest it gets). And why not count FFVII remake? Sure it belongs to SE, but sony must have put an effort (unlike Nintendo) to actually make it available to fans.

You're telling me Nintendo actively chose to show nothing big at the biggest gaming conference? Even if they save their biggest games for December, they should have shown something big at e3.

And what 3rd party are you talking about? There's the tantalus port, skylanders, disney infinity, project treasure, and that's pretty much it. Let's not pretend like they are making a huge comeback with third party games seeing as how missing call of duty overshadows what little 3rd party they have.

They have only said it vocally, that they will only work with Nintendo, so in a sense, legally, they are not second party, they are third party.

We still do not know how those two games will turn out to be, so at the moment they are just to new IPs that may become a success. Sony doubtfully putted a effort on this, and even if they did, it still is from SE, not a Sony blockbuster.

Yep, we all know Nintendo :v  And that is totally like them, so it is no surprise.

Ask that Nintendo of Canada  guy, I'm just quoting what he said :v

@Alternine:  Atleast I'm talking new as in new game announcement, not new IP or anything like that.

@Arlo: Those indeed have a good reason to be angry, though I don't see why they would had gotten a Wii U on the first place, if they still were not sure about it and its future.

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