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Pick only 1 Nintendo song? There's wayyy too many for me to chose from :/

I guess if I had to choose just one song, at the moment it will go to The Great Sea for The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. The whole soundtrack is one of my favourites, but The Great Sea shines brightly

I never liked stealth missions, especially when I was young, so when I got to Forsaken Fortress, I didn't really want to get any further. However, my sibling got further than me on another account and started sailing. That music is truly a masterpiece as it was really amazing. Seeing the bright colours of not-Forsaken Fortress and listening to great music, it allowed me to push through and eventually beat the game many times over.

The Great Sea is vast and really empty so the music fills in the emptiness with great music that made me want to sail for longer lengths than I had to, just to listen to the music. I would always turn it to day because sailing at night didn't have any music at all, though I sometimes like to hear the 'Dawn' opening. Dawn + The Great Sea is really awesome :D

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