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johnlucas said:
DialgaMarine said:
Holy crap, I haven't seen a John Lucas post in forever. I'm not trying to throw salt in wounds or anything, but how is that Wii-U 240 million lifetime sales going? :P

I post here fairly often, DialgaMarine.
You might want to check out my latest series called FACTS vs. FICTION.
2 Volumes have already been posted so far.

FACTS vs. FICTION – Volume 1
FACTS vs. FICTION – Volume 2

That Wii U 240 million is still on schedule.
I haven't changed a thing on that assessment.

My short-term milestones missed but I know the endgame so it's small potatoes.
Wii U will be the leader of this generation & bring UNITY to the videogame world just like I said.
Splatoon is just one of the many examples.

This generation has just gotten started.
Don't buy the internet hype about Wii U's successor coming out anytime soon.
But I'll explain that more in the upcoming FACTS vs. FICTION — Volume 3.

John Lucas

This is more of the same crap. Your "end game" is combining Wii U and 3DS sales since it will be a "unified experience". Wii U sales are 3DS sales. 3DS sales are Wii U sales. It's a pile of baloney.

By the way, that 900K a is best case scenario that takes an extreme about of optimism. A realistic scnario is around 500K. I'm sure you'll find some way to justify it when North America sales come out to be barely above Japan's numbers.