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I know this sounds like a fanboy post but when it comes to console hardware, Sony has had the worst reputation. They sell well because of there marketing however there system designs have all been floored apart from the PS4 which I believe Sony has done right for the first time since the PS1. Its there first console that devs prefer to develop on. The PS2 and PS3 were shockers to devs and many struggled to design games around them. As for the games, I owned both PS1 and N64 and my N64 destroyed the PS1 when it came to 1st party quality while on my PS1 I had Twisted Metal which was shit in my opinion, Siphon Filter which doesn't need explaining and etc. How ever the PS1 has great 3rd party games like MGS and FF7 which are my all time favourite games and Crash wasn't too bad, its no Mario or Sonic but was decent enough to play though and finish all of them. PlayStation to me has always been a 3rd party type console while there 1st party games aren't the best, Sony have been getting better but its going to take a long time before there on Nintendo's level. Its why I now prefer to game on PC because PC now offers the best 3rd party support.