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Sony's first party games are a priority for me when it comes to gaming. To me they feel like what makes the difference, the main path, the body of water right for sailing by me, between other aquiferous vessels where the third-party waters also run. I know that this may be the same to some of you possibly reading this thread right now.

This above makes me opt for PlayStation consoles above other platforms regardless of aspects such as: price, release date, graphical power, etc.

I can understand if fans of other platforms feel the same about their favorite console brands.

What is the idea of this thread?

I opened this thread with the intention of facilitating a place where people who opt for PlayStation first-party games, and believe that this is the main reason that makes them choose Playstation as their main gaming platform, can express and create a VGChartz precedent for themselves in case they feel they need it in the future.

Where is the purpose in that?

Right now we are still at the beginning of this gaming generation when there is no clue as to how the next generation of console (possible next generation of consoles - should I say for those who think there won't be another?) will develop.

Come the next generation it is possible that PlayStation will be the most powerful console once again, maybe it won't, who knows? No one does.

If by chance PlayStation is not the most powerful console, which to me isn't much of a dealbreaker, it is possible that some PlayStation detractors will be calling every PlayStation followers left and right as hypocrites for not giving importance to how the PlayStation is not the most powerful console anymore in possible subsequent gens and how they should care that other consoles are instead.

For that reason... I opened this thread in June the 2nd of 2015, where the coming of a new gaming generation is far away and lies formless, for PlayStation first-party games fans to leave a precendent before anyone knows a single thing about the 9th generation, a prededent in the form of a post where you let everyone know that you don't care if PlayStation is not the most powerful console because, to you, that isn't what matters when you choose a PlayStation console.

If by any chance in the future someone who doesn't know you tries to lump you into a generalization in which that person claims that you backpedaled on "consoles' power being a factor when you buy a console" because PlayStation no longer is, you can go to this very thread, quote yourself or link to your post and prove that person is wrong for speaking about things about you he/she doesn't know.

I created this thread for anyone who could possibly see a use in it, if no one sees any use in this thread then may it be forgotten and buried in the sea of other threads.

P.S. This thread is not intended to become a debate on which console manufacturer has the best exclusives, the purpose of this thread is very specific, written up there in the OP, so feel free to open another thread for any of that if you can't shake off the urgency of saying how much you like first-party games from other consoles and how Sony's are less good than them.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: