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GribbleGrunger said:
FloatingWaffles said:
I agree with his point. If 1080p is too much for the PS4 to handle then Sony needs to drop the "we have a better resolution" motto and just lower it for a better framerate, otherwise I feel it would just be arrogant. This is why i'm not surprised when some games have a better framerate on the Xbox One than PS4.

Must have missed that. Could you link me to the statements, please? And some games have better framerates on the PS4 than the XB1, but let's forget those in the same way we forget 10 months of the year.


Let's also not forget that Sony's 1st party games have showed us that you can actually pump out great visuals at 1080p and a solid framerate.  Of course, I can't understand how people choose to forget we have had framerate issues/drops in games from the very start of gaming.  Did a little bit of slowdown destroy those games?  No.  People just dealt with it then, while still playing those games and thinking they were classics.  Now, all of a sudden, people expect that we should never experience it again in our lives, even on multiplats where one dev team is working on several platforms, lest we bitch about it.  Though, mostly when it's just dealing with a rival console. And where was all this bitching last gen?  Where were the cries to lower all PS3/360 games to 480p so we could get rock solid framerates on all games?  Or did we just deal with it then, too?

Now, that's not to say it should just be ignored, especially if the drops are game breaking, which they usually aren't.  And now that it's easier to fix them, devs usually try to.  I'm still waiting for patches to come to those NES classics, like Castlevania and SMB3, to fix the slowdown.