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LurkerJ said:
VitroBahllee said:

Ahahahahahahaha - wish I could go back in time and plop this in the middle of all the pointless attacks about resolution from Sony fans. EVERYBODY else already agreed the whole time, but now it's okay to cut some slack now that the shoe is on the other foot? Folks should never have hyped 'resolutiongate' at all if they didn't think it mattered, which it never did.


The game is perfectly playable btw.

But let's assume the framerate issues are huge on the witcher 3 , how is that SONY's fault?

Besides, in a world where critical post release patches have become the norm on all platfroms , we shouldn't judge a game before its first christmas.

Oh hun, I'm not judging the game at all. I'm just amused by the defensiveness on the topic that was previously a point of 'pride' that seemed more like rude attacks.