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RolStoppable said:
I remember when in mid-2013 noname2200 said to me that at this time it can already be considered a victory if the Wii U beats the GC in lifetime sales. I argued that the Wii U still has many big games coming for it, plus several price cuts as opposed to the GC which had nowhere to go in regards to price pretty quickly.

Then in late November of the same year I said to noname2200 that at this time it can already be considered a victory if the Wii U reaches half of the GC's lifetime sales.

Gosh, what a piece of trash the Wii U is.

Saleswise, yes. As for the software though, I'm totally enjoying the library. My brother just got back from uni, we borrowed a friend's Xbox360 and at the end of the day, my brother has spent more time playing the Wii U than the Xbox anyway.

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