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Ninten78 said:

I've accepted that the Wii U wont outsell GCN,I changed my lifetime to 18M,I still think it can make 20M or maybe barely outsell GCN's 21.7M if it gets 199$ price soon. I think Nintendo after the Wii got cocky like how sony did with ps3.Plus the Wii U name was confusing and no games in it's 1st year.It had potential to at least match SNES in my opinion.But I hope they learnt from this and can do a lot better next gen,I hope they can match NES sales next gen with their Wii U's successor we know nothing about.Nintendo is a wildcard you never know what they will come up with.

So lets just enjoy the Wii U its a great console and has great games and more to come.

Nintendo didn't get cocky. Nintendo wasnt used to those numbers which Sony was already accustomed to. They tried to focus on trends which were going on outside of the gaming industry and tripped hard while trying to gather hardcore gamers back to their territory simultaneously. The Wii audience was a rarity because they dont frequent gaming generationally. The Wii was something that people who dont game could sometimes play their hand in using. Take away the Wii and you'll see that Nintendo since Sony took over has only been selling around 20-30 mil consoles per gen.