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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
zero129 said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
StokedUp said:
I've got a feeling me NOT destroying the tree spirit linked with the ladies of the woods quest might of been a bad decision, just by the witches reaction to that.


Bad decision or not you will see soon enough :D

I made the same decision but now im not sure if it could have a bigger impact later on on my final ending :-/ , im really thinking about going back an doing it again but changing a few things xD .

I let it live too but omg when i made the trip to collect the reward, my body was not ready for what i saw >.>

I dont even know if the spirit did what he promised.

BTW the witches design almost made me vomit, that one with the eye full of flies.

I know but it seems that same scene plays even if you do kill him.

And yeah, if you kill that thing it will keep its promise but it does something else later on wont say no more lol xD