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PwerlvlAmy said:
So are Wii U owners gonna get a refund considering they funded the game for PS4/XB1 lol

nope, because companies aren't that cool/respectful/whatever, sucks but those people got screwed over


"...WiiU isn't your only platform then you wouldn't be buying it for that console anyway."

actually I have a PS4 but I've been waiting for Project Cars on Wii U, not PS4


though I admit I'm probably an extreme minority, I was still looking forward to the Wii U version from the start, and with this, it's just one piece of bad news after another. It should have just released with no problems, no drama, but instead people get this crap. It's a reaaaalll bummer, I hate when companies make promises and talk up a big game but don't follow through with them. It's your choice on what platforms you release it on, but do things better from the start and/or figure a way to right things if some catastrophe happened and you absolutely can't keep your promises or whatever. It's a really simple concept IMO *shrug*