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Playstation Montage-5 minutes
Star Wars 5-8 minutes+Bundle announcement
Pr talk about PS being the best place to play-10 minutes
God of War 3:Remastered trailer 2-Minutes
Indie everywhere galore party-10 minutes
Major Sports game demo and celebrity on stage 10 minutes
PR talk about programs for VR that make indie devs easy acess-5 Minutes
Until Dawn release date trailer and vr support announcement-2 minutes
New vr studio game tech demo -3Minutes
Some type of ps Vita shenanigan with VR-30 seconds
Assassins Creed Syndicate gameplay demo-5 Minutes
New Assassins Creed for Vita screenshot-10seconds
Pr talk about entertainment offering on psn-10 minutes
Ratchet and Clank game trailer 2 minutes
Guerrila Games new ip full reveal trailer+gameplay+release date-10 minutes
Uncharted 4 demo-10 minutes
Crash Bandicoot teaser 1 minute

Xbox Montage 2-Minutes
Rise of the Tomb Raider-10 minutes demo
Phil Spencer xbox has best lineup for holiday 2015 pr talk-5 minutes
Halo 5:Guardians-10 Minutes demo
Indies are also on xbox pr talk+montage-5 Minutes
New rare game trailer 2 minutes
Fallout 4-Demo+release date 10 minutes
Tom Clancy's The division Demo 5 minutes
Fable Legends trailer 2 minutes
Forza 6 Demo 5 minutes
Direct X12/Windows10/New xbox updateHololens talk 15 minutes
Gears of War Remastered trailer 2 minutes coming to xbox and windows 10
Rock Band 4-live performance 10 minutes coming first on xbox.
Call Of Duty Black ops 3 demo 10 Minutes

Xbox slim announcement 299 price tag shipping now-3 minutes

Gears of War 4 teaser- 1 minute

Nintendo direct
Epic scene with reggie- 5 minutes
Mario Maker talk 2 minutes
Nintendo direct is better for x reasons pr talk 2 minutes
Pokemon trailer 2 minutes
Metroid -Full reveal gameplay demo,trailer,release date 10 minute
Starfox-gameplay 5 minutes
Zelda -Gameplay 5 minutes
Fire Emblem -gameplay 5 minutes
X-trailer 2 minutes
Super Mario Galaxy 3-Trailer 3 minutes
Grand theft Auto 5 coming to Wii U with exclusive nintendo mascots outfits trailer 3-Minutes