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DonFerrari said:
Some people crawled from their hideouts to overjoy and celebrate, but don't get too drunk over it.

Also if ioi was here he would say 7,5% is either or both a statistical and technical draw.

Anyway congrats x1 to to reap and saw. Sony better put their 1st parties schedule to better management and get a great E3. No knee jerk reaction, but can't allow themselves to letargy unless they want MS biting their Ass.

GribbleGrunger said:
poklane said:

174k so down 25k YOY

So the XB1 won by 13k? NPD isn't 100% accurate so this to me could be called a draw.

Good observation.


NPD USA's stated margin of error for console POS sell-through is 5-10%, depending on the title (NPD Australia / NPD Canada has varied reliability rates due to unique retailer networks).

So theoretically, the XBO > PS4 win could be reversed if NPD was only 90% accurate this month and NPD's algorithms were completely off.


Basically, the difference isn't significant enough to declare a definitive win outside of the latent margin of error in the data.

Interesting to note this month.