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Before everyone starts jumping on me saying: "You stupid Nintendo nerd, go back and play Mario for the 4,583,585th time", let me make something clear; The Last of Us is a good high quality game, I wouldn't have finish it otherwise; but what exactly does this game does in order to be considered a masterpiece or Game of the Generation?

The gameplay is solid, but nothing out of the ordinary and in some cases…kind of boring if I'm being honest. Maybe is just me that I tend to like more action type shooters like Borderlands or Bioshock, but in the Last of Us there was nothing that made me say: "Wow, this is really fun to play!". It was good, and definitely enough to keep me playing till the end. The crafting system was also very good, and aside from the smoke bombs, I found all items to be useful (which is something games tend to lack).

The graphics and atmosphere are amazing, there's nothing really to complain here.

The music, can't honestly remember a single song.

Story…well is like watching a really good TV show; and I don't mean this in a bad way, the story is extremely solid, the interactions between Joel and Ellie are really well done, but there were no "mind blowing" moments or any moments that will stay in my mind for a few weeks (not even the ending). Usually when I'm really into a story of a movie, book or game I can't stop thinking about it for a few days or weeks…that didn't happen with The Last of Us. It was just a good satisfying watch, simple as that.


Again before everyone starts jumping on me, the game is good, solid and has amazing atmosphere; but in my opinion, there's nothing that truly stands out to make it worthy of a masterpiece or Game of the Generation title.

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