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windbane said:

*ahem* I have played the entirety of NMH. I hate to break this to some of you, but GTA has missions, too. The story is still linear. Just because GTA's open world doesn't suck balls ike NMH (a game I really liked, btw) doesn't mean that having decent open world play is bad. You can go from mission to mission in GTA just as easily as you can in NMH where you have to do stupid busy work to get to the next mission. Liking NMH can only come from the boss fights because the normal fights are rather repetitive too. If you are claiming that the open world is somehow better in NMH that's ridiculous.

You hate to break it to me?




Allow me to set you straight. 

Certainly, the "open world" aspect of GTA is better than that of No More Heroes.


However, what you obviously failed to realize was that the "missions" of GTA are far worse, imo. In fact, the reason most people even buy GTA is to play the open world imo, and most of the people who own the game will never beat it.


On the other hand, the missions in NMH are the only reason to play that game. They are interesting and different.


The open world in GTA is basically the same thing as all the missions, but there is some generic goal, like kill some guy on a motorcycle. The non-generic missions are stylistic but boring, like bring the bouncing car to the bounce off and play DDR with the mexican gang.


How can anyone even compare the two games? I really don't understand. You've played NMH, yet you compare it to GTA like, "Well if you like GTA, you like NMH." That's the most rediculious assertion I've heard all day. The games only share an insignificant similarity and you say, that they are comparable? As if NMH had no inherant wierdness to differentiate it from GTA?


You have got to be kidding me.


Now, if you'll go back to my post, you'll realize I said the open world in NMH is the worst part of the game. In GTA it's the best, if you can actually accruately describe any part of those games as "best." I, personally, can't. I'd kindly thank you to leave me to my opinion.



That said, KingofWale is the average modern hardlycore gamer. Probably grew up playing GTAIII, who knows, maybe you did too. He simply can't understand how anyone couldn't love these games that didn't have some alternate agenda for not liking them, like trying to discredit their importance or marginalize his prescious PS3.


I feel the same way about Zelda, because I grew up playing it.

Some people hate Zelda, some "people" hate RE4, Some people hate GTA. I am one that hates GTA. Even though I have a PS3, I certainly don't need to play GTAIV to know that I will continue to hate it just as I have hated every other game in the series, which I do own each one, and have played at least half of the way through. Deal with that at your leisure.

I don't need your console war.
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I don't need your console war.