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ZenfoldorVGI said:
kingofwale said:
Garcian Smith said:
Me, probably. I have no particular interest in open-world games, mostly because they're usually 10-20 hours of content padded with 30-40 hours of backtracking, searching, and killing random enemies.

Am I wrong that your avatar, NMH also consist of open-world where you do mindless jobs for money??? I'm just a little confused about what you are saying here.

After all, not up to me to call you a hypocrite. :)

Welcome back, btw. I own a PS3. I've played the hell out of NMH. The open world aspect is one of the worst parts about the game. The missions are great, however.


I wouldn't play GTA anything to save my life, and I'm sorry you don't understand why some people just find the damn game boring, but I do. I would never say that about a game series I even kinda liked just to flame a console. I know a lot of people irl who feel the same way as me.


I have a real, personal, spiteful, and mean opinion about the type of gamer who lives and dies by GTA, but I'm not gonna throw that one out there, it would start a flame war, but...



It's silly to call people a hypocrite for hating GTA but liking NMH. It only proves one thing. You have never in your life played NMH and have absolutely no idea what your talking about, you clueless troll. 

*ahem* I have played the entirety of NMH. I hate to break this to some of you, but GTA has missions, too. The story is still linear. Just because GTA's open world doesn't suck balls ike NMH (a game I really liked, btw) doesn't mean that having decent open world play is bad. You can go from mission to mission in GTA just as easily as you can in NMH where you have to do stupid busy work to get to the next mission. Liking NMH can only come from the boss fights because the normal fights are rather repetitive too. If you are claiming that the open world is somehow better in NMH that's ridiculous.