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DerNebel said:
Not a great quarter for PS, to be honest, even if we consider the PS4s japanese launch was in the same quarter last year then that still doesn't make this YoY drop anything more than, kind of disappointing. I'm assuming The Order and the Vita can be blamed for the operating loss this quarter.

PS4 sales are expected to increase (interesting that no PS3 or handheld forecast is given) but revenue and operating profit are expected to be flat/slightly down, which the drop in PS3 sales and unfavourable exchange rates are blamed for. Now to be optimistic one could say that Sony adjusted last years PS forecast up a couple times and still beat, so these results could end up a lot better, but for that to happen I'd say that a price cut and at least one software heavy hitter is needed. OI margins are still low, probably due to the Vita and just certain 1st party/Sony published titles bombing which unfortunately is par for the course for Sony, I'm sure everyone already has quite a few Sony titles that they expect to flop this year, I know I do.

Overall I think better results for the division are possible it's just a matter of Sony taking the opportunities.

Oh and that article that counted stronger than expected PS4 sales as a reason for the OI forecast revision seems to have been completely bullshitting.

Yeah they took a risk with The Order: 1886 which obviously didn't pay off. It was a decent game, and had great atmosphere and feel, but it was in need of many improvements like more amount of gameplay. I guess that's too much to ask now, as a sequel will likely never be made :(

I think both Driveclub and LBP3 flopped, for obvious reasons.

I also think they should drop the Vita in US and Europe, and massively reduce production.