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GamechaserBE said:
Like I said before Sony really have a problem with making a profit on their game division even when they are dominating like crazy. It is the Ps one/PS2 generation over again where they sold a ton of consoles and software but profits were rather dissapointing.

This is becuase of how Kutaragi ran the gaming unit. They still run it the same way today, and the board is going at Kaz because he is not running the company in the Sony way. 

Sony is not a buisness of stashing away mountains of cash, it is about innovating, and putting the money from customers back into the products. The PlayStation unit has R&D going for PS4 revisions, PS Vita and TV revisions, Project Morphues, Morpheus/Camera peripherals, PlayStation Network improvments, expansion of PS Now, and PS Vue to more areas, and more devices. Then they have dozens of games in development across their studios, and they are not out to make a hit with every one of them. They are trying to make games for every corner of the market. Some are garenteed losses, some are risks to expand gaming to new places. This is what Sony does.

There will never be a point in time where we see Microsoft and Apple sized profits out of Sony. It won't happen if they match, double, triple, or see revenue 10x greater than them. Sony does not operate to line the walls of their buildings with cash, and give mountains of gold to executives to sit on. Sony is about re-investing into the buisness, innovating, and placing no walls in the way of creativity and imagination.

That is why I love Sony and the PlayStation brand, and why I absolutly detest the success of the money hoarding and un-innovative companies leading market today. 

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