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misterd said:

Saw Wiis in 2 stores today, something I've not seen since the day before last Thanksgiving (when they were stocking up for Black Friday).

There were at least 2 at the local WM, and possibly dozens in our TRU, which has been consistently selling out their Wii's every other Sunday well into 2008. The TRU had signs in the window advertising this shipment, so clearly they expected it to be big.

Of course these are just 2 blips, possibly coincidental. More data are needed.

Remember when we were all talking about stockpiling until after they met their hardware predictions for march?


Well, now you are seeing the result of that stockpiling.


Instead of alternating between 60 and 140k ever other week, we're not seeing 95 to 200+k every two weeks.


There really isn't a better explaination than that. You should know this already. The Wii did 200k last week.


Lemme give you a hint.


When this page:




Says "In Stock" for a month straight, then we're getting close to meeting demand.


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