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The Nintendo Wii Is Nearing The End Of The Road

When the Nintendo Wii was first announced, I felt as if the system was too gimmicky and would never last in the current market.  To my surprise, the Wii took off like a bat out of hell and some might even say that the Wii owned 2007 in gaming.  I’m not saying that I hate the system or anything, but it’s certainly what I would call a “dust collector” among my friends and I.

It was very interesting to me how Super Smash Brothers Brawl sold 1.4 million copies the first week it was out and has pretty much dropped off the map since.  I think this is a prime example of how Nintendo has no problems selling consoles and peripherals, but they are not selling games as projected.  At this point, they would have to sell 20 million games instantly to catch up with the average games purchased per console on the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.  Despite achieving an installed base way beyond anyone’s expectations, the company simply has not taken the steps to keep the success going.

If Nintendo doesn’t fix some of their major problems fast, the Nintendo Wii will fade into obscurity by  2009.  From my observations, their primary problems are:

  • Poor game marketing.
  • They rely too heavily on sequels.
  • Low quantities of consoles on the shelves.
  • Poor relationships with 3rd party developers.
  • Limited access to quality information for the media.

Can Nintendo rebound from these problems?  I highly doubt they will.  The Nintendo Wii is getting ready to go the way of the N64 and Game Cube in the near future.  While there certainly are cool aspects to the Wii, I’m pretty sure this was simply a phase many people went through.  The Wii really became part of pop culture for a little while and it took a long time for the buzz to die down.  Nintendo has taken a beating by the mass media this week and I have a feeling the media’s love affair with their console is just about at the end of the road.

I don't know what's going on but it's like NPD pissed so many people off that I haven't seen this much Wii bashing since Nintendo revealed the name two weeks before E3 06.

I don't now what's worse. The fanboy that wrote the article or the fanboys in the comments section actually trying to argue that the Wii isn't a game console.

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