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This shit is going to get locked because people are just going to start bashing.

As for the question: Microsoft was going to screw with their fans by having DRM, but they saw the negativity and changed it. They've shown this gen that they are willing to make drastic changes to try and please their customers so I can't put them above Sony and Microsoft. Sony hasn't really delivered on their promises yet, they added paid online which hasn't really helped the servers, and they've made decisions like not allowing EA Access (which I understand why they did for business reasons). Nintendo, on the other hand, essentially created a new form of DLC through Amiibos (which was a smart business move), and the New 3DS is just weird. They're also going mobile There's also the fact that they still have region locking and their games don't drop in prices which is ludicrous.

So I'd lean to Nintendo, Sony, then Microsoft.  But honestly they're businesses looking out of their own profits and all of them have their own negatives that people are willing to overlook.