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kowenicki said:
rolltide101x said:

They were trying to keep the bottom line low. I can pretty much guarantee you I own more games than you and I have not had much of a problem with this. Sony made it very easy to upgrade the HDD in a PS4. An external is just to slow and I would not deal with it, USB 3.0 is only about half as fast as a SATA connection (in reality, on paper it is closer than that)


I dont think thats true.

All of my games are installed on the external HDD (the xbox one makes that your default unless you select otherwise I think) and all load faster now.

If that is true then the XBOne is using older SATA connectors or sloooow HDDs. It is pretty much common sense, an outside port is ran by an inside port it is impossible for it to be faster. SATA handles much faster SSDs so it is not the choke point that would only mean it is a slow internal HDD



If I was going to get more/different storage I would get a 7200 RPM hybrid HDD and then turn the 500 GB HDD in the PS4 into an external drive. But for the most part the 5400 is sufficient