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beeje13 said:
I plan to vote conservative because:

-They've done a pretty good job sorting out the economy so far, high employment. Yes it's been tough but blame the clowns in the red party who ran up hundreds of billions of debt BEFORE the financial crisis even happened. 

-They promise a referendum on EU membership. IMO the negatives of being in the EU far outweigh the positives.

-Continue the policy of increasing the income tax threshold. It makes quite a difference to me.

I'm not voting Labour, as they still aren't changed enough, and are not the party they used to be that stood up for the workers.

Not voting Lib Dem because they are generally clueless, they have naive policies that would only work in some kind of peaceful utopia.

-Not voting UKIP because they don't have enough popularity to form a government.

The economy has improved on paper, but I've yet to encounter a single person who's better off. Most ordinary people have actually lost money under the Tories in one way or another. Also bear in mind what they've done to improve the figures on paper - bedroom tax, taking benefits from the disabled, etc. Don't just go on what you read on the Tory website.

How are the lib dems in "some kind of peaceful utopia?" Lib Dem councils and MPs do some great work. It's annoying how they sold themselves out to the tories but they saved us from a full tory government! 

Also you mention that you don't like how Labour no longer stands up for the workers, why are you voting tory? The only people I see them standing up for are the millionnaire bosses. 


But each to their own.