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maximrace said:
kowenicki said:
Ka-pi96 said:

SlayerRondo said the opposite...

He's wrong then.  I misread him.  The EU has more to lose than we do from making trade with us difficult.

Lol keep dreaming that, the UK needs the EU far more than the other way around. A lot of the EU money goes back to britain and they block a lot of great intiatives because their anti EU stand. If the Brits want to leave, good riddance but the consequence for Britain will be way harsher than most imagine. UK  isn't the same mighty power it was a few decennia ago that always gets what it wants, deals will have to be made. Deals which will be worse than what they have now with the EU

How original, we dont think we are, we just know we are a major economy that doesnt need the "crutch" of the EU.

The rest is just wrong...

Which are these great initiatives that have been blocked by us?   There arent any.

What is the net cash you allege we RECEIVE from the EU in hand outs?  We don't, we are a net contributor... always have been.

What is this mysterios trade surplus we have suddenly managed to achieve with the EU?  There isnt one, we have a large trade deficit with the EU.  EU member states make more from us than we make from them, they wont throw that in the dustbin.

Its time to declare your interest, which country are you from? 



I'm not really here!

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