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Kerotan said:
Greenbeans said:

What do iPhones have to do with anything? What do PS3's and DS's have to do with anything? This is a 2015 sales thread. 

And I think the Vita deserves a mention too. It's probably the only thing the Vita deserves. 

Samus brought up apple not me so I'll redirect those concerns to him. 


Leave the vita out of this please.  Read my opening posts.  This is ps4 vs 3ds 2015.

Leave the Vita out of this? A 2015 thread?

Then I see no reason to talk about the DS and PS4. 

I remember Sony fans whining that you can't compare handhelds and consoles when Sony was losing. Suddenly, you can compare them now? 

This truly confuses me more than the fact the Vita is a failure.