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Kerotan said:
Greenbeans said:

According to you, we're talking about 2015. Yet you're talking about the DS and PS3? 

and like I said in the post you didn't reply to. The Vita is at 10 million in 4 years. Totally off-topic? Yes. Comparable to what you're doing? Also yes. 

You ignored why I brought that up. I brought it up to prove that playstation was David that gen and the DS goliath.  And with gen 8 playstation has slain goliath and become one. He asked for an explanation and i provided it.  

PS4's success has nothing to do with the 3DS's failure to sell as much as the DS.

PS4 isn't responsible for Nintendo's woes this gen. They didn't slay Nintendo. Smartphones and poor decisions on Nintendo's part "slayed" the 3DS and Wii U.

You want to see this in terms of a war between Nintendo and Sony but there honestly isn't one (besides the 3DS and Vita that is).