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-Ack!- said:

OP are you implying that the value of gaming hours is the same for every game? For example: 8-15 hours is pretty decent for an average game, but 15 hours in Skyrim is nothing.

Same way I don't go to movies thinking that "...if this doesn't last at least 2 hours minimum I've wasted my money."

Same way I wouldn't buy a shitty game for 60 that lasts 20 hours just because "I'd get some value for my money". :D

So what if the price is 60 dollars now, it will be cheaper in the future, so just deal with it.

Actually, when I was a teenager I choose which movie to rent based on the run time :/ Those 90 minute comedies weren't worth it to me. Movies that came on 2 tapes (yeah I'm old) even better! Nowadays it's the opposite. 2-3 hour movie, ugh, that's my whole evening.

With games I prefer both actually. Shorter games that I can finish in a week or two, and longer ones I can plug away at on my laptop an hour here or there while doing other stuff. Do I care I only paid 20 pounds for Elite Dangerous and have logged well over 100 hours on it so far, while I paid CAD 70 for The order. Not at all, totally different experience. One I play while browsing the internet or watching Netflix, the other in a dark room with the sound up totally immersed in the world.