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Bristow9091 said:

Well either way, since the game started in 1991 and I can see how easy it'd be to stay logged in (I rarely turn my PC off anyways and ny internet tabs are always open), I can see how you could spend so long playing (Although I'm assuming a lot of that time was spent idle while you were AFK), and for that I sincerely apologise for the remarks I made... forgive me? <3

Hah, nothing to forgive, it's an incredible number and should require some kind of proof or explanation.  I'd say possibly a quarter of that is playtime, give or take a month or two...not sure. The character was probably created ~93-4ish while I was in HS.  I was only able to turn on a tick timer (idle out in 45 mins of inactivity) sometime in the late 90's early 00's due to policies, but things relaxed substantially as the active player base dwindled.  But yes, much of that time is just idling while either AFK or in another window doing something else.

Mnementh said:

Hmm, finger mornelithe@realmsmud doesn't work, maybe our muds don't have intermud-connection or the id of the mud is different then realmsmud. Anyways, I don't have 2.7K days, only 300:

Alter       : 372 Tage, 49 Minuten und 26 Sekunden



finger mnementh@wunderland

It's nice that a few mudders are still in existance.

Just tried from my end, and the connection timed out.  It's entirely possible that some of that functionality was either disabled, or it's just not working at the moment.  The mudlib moved and I'm sure the new caretakers haven't poured over everything at this point. 

I appreciate it still being up, had some awesome times on here when I was a kid.