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ktay95 said:
SlayerRondo said:
I hope that with this release it will sell well enough to convince square to release Final Fantasy XII on the PS4/Vita.

Not that the PS3 and Vita versions didn't sell enough for a HD remake.

Well with the PS4 version it will certainly go well beyond 2m, Im hoping 2.5m and Im sure FFXII HD will become a thing later down the line. Just might be waiting until after FFXV is all. Plus FFXII (especially on its own) doesnt have the same pull as X does, maybe they should throw in Tactics aswell.

I remember when they were discussing how they won't make another Chrono game since the remake only sold just over a million copies. They did nothing porting a game over a decade old at the time to the DS and a million copies was not enough.

Maybe the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remake needs to sell over 5 million for them to consider Final Fantasy XII.

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