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Goodnightmoon said:
teigaga said:

But why ignore the original games which are in higher abundance then the remasters? Its like when people say their are too many indies, its not like theres a lack of new retail releases. Dying Light, Evolve, The Order, Bloodborne, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, RE: Revelations 2, Battlefield and Mortal combat X all in the first 4 months of 2015. 

I find unfair put the remakes on the same levels as new games, or put new games on retail on the same level as indie games.      It´s like : oh look we have 50 games this year, 30 are indies, 15 are remakes mostly from the last generation, and just 2 new games are exclusives but hey, those are many games, and that´s what matters, right? (just an exemple)

Yeah, but what I'm saying is that at the moment and since september last year there is not a lack of new games, so the remasters+indies are just healthy additions.  If you could have The last story HD, Mario Galaxy Collection and FF:Type 0 next to Xenoblade X, Splatoon and Yoshi this summer I don't think you'd complain lol