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theprof00 said:

What all the hating is about.

At first, I thought that due to popular consensus, a somewhat toned down critique of lacking gameplay and story was acceptable. I thought, it's a mediocre game, pretty, but lacking.

Now that I've actually played it though. I just don't see where the hate is justified. The story is really good. The atmosphere is amazing. The acting is so incredibly high quality. There isn't a moment in this game where I think it's even a bit 'over the top', and for a serious game with no jokes that's really hard to do.

The gunplay is pretty standard and the variation in weapons is nice. My personal favorite is the small machine pistol with the crazy recoil. I love just running up and blasting a line up their torso and ending with a headshot. I'm currently 6 hours in, and I feel like due to the pacing, it'll probably be 3-4 more. So, I'm not understanding the problem with length either. I feel like people take opening chests and pulling a rope as "non-gameplay", but I'm not sure who is validating the criteria of what gameplay consists.

The levels are really well thought out as well. It's obvious that there is a lot of work put into the game. Areas that don't lead anywhere are fully designed.

I'm really not sure what everyone was expecting? Sony's Gears of War?

I'm glad I own it. It's really a spectacle. Literally cannot understand all the hate.

Glad you enjoy it. Think it's just a difference of opinion on the game. I haven't played it, but I also don't have any desire to. I was expecting something entirely different from what it is in actuallity. I have seen a few reviews of the game and none have seemed very... Good. If I get a chance to play it, I'm sure I will, but it's not a game I'm buying a PS4 for. 

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.