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It's one thing to crowdfund an indie. Crowdfunding is the concept of risk-capital for projects the usual risk-capital doesn't work. An indie-gamedoesn't get risk-capital, as they are a too small company. Crowdfunding works. If Sony crowdfunds something, the question can be asked: why don't they give the risk-capital to develop the game in the first place? Sony is a big company, they do have the cash in difference to indies. That would raise all sorts of alarm, I would be very sceptical about such an project.

By the way, don't expect AAA-games with crowdfunding, the capital raised this way is much less, than AAA-budgets.

EDIT: My argument against this works as well for Microsoft and Nintendo, it has nothing to do with Sony/Playstation per se. Only with big companies vs. indies.

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