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Acevil said:

I disagree with you (in the sense that this is about expectations, what it could be vs what it is), and I am an outsider looking in, I highly doubt the game is bad, I highly doubt it is great either.

The reason I disagree is that, objectively a reviewer is allowed to find a game to be bad, as long as he has merits. I think the reason that reviewers have merit is the value of the game. It is a highly priced title with small amount of content, and from what I noticed lack of replayability. Since this is based on what it is, the Order objectively can have lower score, because it does lack value. 


(Yes I edited my post a couple of times, I am still not sure I worded it perfectly).

You can edit it again if you like lol. Sup Ace? 

Value is opinionated. Expectations could kill the Pope, or doom a President. Even a review expected to judge a game based on how much of what it was going for that it actually accomplished very expectations.