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Mr Puggsly said:
Dr.Vita said:
KLXVER said:
Why the PSP?

I want to show everyone what a beast the PSP is.

Why don't you show PSP struggled to move software and that's why support dried up inspite of great sales? Any significant software sales it had occured early on and dwindled. Frankly, much of PSP's sales are due to piracy.

Global Software by Platform

PS3 1,119,917 (-21%) 882,736,174
X360 760,931 (-5%) 918,455,050
Wii 329,758 (-4%) 896,724,601
PSP 65,649 (-6%) 287,084,941


Now its uncertain if X1 will surpass PSP in hardware sales. But I GUARANTEE X1 will trounce PSP in software sales. That's more important than hardware sales because that's what keeps great games coming to a platform.

It certainly didn't take long for the X1 to surpass Vita in hardware and software sales.

Comparing handheld software sales to console software sales has never made sense and will continue to never make sense, because it is common for families to have multiple handhelds but share games between siblings, whereas it is far less common for the same to occur with consoles. Case in point, all conquering DS has sold less software than any of the three consoles last gen despite selling over 50% more than Wii.