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small44 said:
KLXVER said:
Why the PSP?

If we remove playstation console only 4 consoles/handheld outsold PSP and we know wii and ds sold that much because of casuals and those one won't buy another consoles.

I think it's not difficult to sell more then NES which sold 60m but it's more difficult to sell more then PSP

The Wii and DS sold as high as they did due to mainstream success. The people who purchased them were also less "casual" than PSP owners. PSP owners only bought 3.7 games per console, while DS owners bought 4.9 games per console, and Wii owners bought 9.3 games games per console... Which is also about 10% away from PS2 and PS3's 10.5 games per console, and the Wii is actually higher than the PSX's 9.2 games per console.

So no matter how casual you think DS and Wii owners were, they played way more games than PSP owners, and the Wii is only slightly fewer than PS2 and PS3 owners and a touch more than PSX owners, even though all three of those PS consoles were on the market quite a bit longer than the Wii.

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